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Sentinelle des Mers : a 280 pages book about french Navy, why a Navy today, and how it works in which I did most of pictures.
Writen by Philippe Metzger, Admiral Emmanuel Descleves and Admiral Benoit Lugan.
This book has been awarded "Prix Amiral Tourville 2013".
Леди моря книгу портретов 33 исключительных женщин, которые пересекли океаны к отходу или гребле.

Эти исключительные люди очаровал меня, и я Bontzolakis христианский писатель.

Книга была издана в июне 2009 года в морской пехоте Editions.
Articles and Reviews

Franck Cammas, winner of the Route du Rhum sailing race, 2010 edition. A photo published in Le Figaro, november 9, 2010.
La Jeanne, Odyssée en Patagonie, an 8 pages portfolio published in april 2010, in Marines et Forces Navales.
Hommage à la Jeanne, a 12 pages portfolio published in december 2009, in Marines et Forces Navales.
Jo Royle, American sailing woman, a photography published in Huck Magazine (UK), summer 2009.
Ellen Mac Arthur, a photography published in L'européen, summer 2009.
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