2015 UPDATE :

Alain Zimeray just shot his first short movie, "And she left, just like the night" (Elle s'en allait, semblable à la nuit". A dark and poetic interpretation of The Maiden and the Death thematic. This movie was shot in november 2014 in Venice

Alain Zimeray is an artist and photographer, born in 1954.

From early childhood, Alain Zimeray was plunged into the universe of contemporary art. It is through his father, a great collector, that he met artists such as Arman, Man Ray or Peter Beard, and also gallery owners.

A teenager with a scientific background but passionate about photography, some of his masters (Georges Tourdjman, Alain Guillou, Daniel Vignat) helped him hone his technique and sharpen his eye.

His work centres on femininity and the body, on portraits and on the sea. These themes are illustrated in the two books he published: « Les Dames de la Mer » and « Sentinelle des mers » and featured also in the numerous solo or joint exhibitions he held.

For the last few years, Alain Zimeray has been a free-lance reporter for Sipa Press Agency, specializing in the Navy and in ocean races. In 2010 he embarked on the French Navy helicopter carrier Jeanne d'Arc, and in 2013, for an exceptional report, embarked on the Améthyste, a nuclear submarine.

This is how the photographer, whose role is precisely to see and to show the inaccessible, and the artist who goes beyond the simple narrative to try and sublimate the object, merge into one and the same person.

One can recognise Alain Zimeray's work by its quest for a subtle touch of sensuality, whatever theme he chooses to address.

His personal style may lie in this light “sfumato” found around women's legs, in the heaviness of the atmosphere, or maybe in the palpable grain of the black and white pictures where the entity of the image, the mistiness and the feel of the skins all merge into one.

Alain Zimeray lives and works in Paris.