Alain Zimeray - Eternity


L'éternité touche à « l'immense été des choses humaines » (Aragon)

Eternity touches the « the endless summer of human things ».

It is the very nature of photography that forces us to dwell on the meaning of time; with this exhibition, Alain Zimeray invites us to share in his view of eternity.

Forever woman

Women of the « Madonnas of the 21st century » gallery, Parisian women whose legs he captures in pictures, tourists or Venetian ladies in Venice, all of them are part of human eternity.

Women represent the renewal of mankind, they fascinate, they attract, they are desired, abused, they can be frightening too and they often unleash passion.

It is from this obsessive fascination that the artist tries to free himself by taking pictures, letting us enter the sensuality of his images.

Vulnerable but wrongly considered as the weaker sex, women will remain a mystery.

Eternal cities

Venice and Paris: a very symbolic choice. Venice is where he breathes; Paris is where he lives.

Mysteries behind decrepit facades where shadows advance under cover of a winter mist.

Seen from the sky, Venice looks like a woman bathing in the male element of the surrounding water. At Acqua Alta, the man takes the woman in his arms and embraces her.

Man’s creation, a very relative eternity for doesn’t he often break the very thing he built?